Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sell my photography on AfricanStockPhoto?

To contribute to AfricanStockPhoto, you can sign up as a photographer with the "Sign Up" link at the top of the page, then upload your imagery for sale on the platform. We then offer your imagery to people searching for African photography, and each time one of your images is sold you'll earn between 50% and 70%: 50% if the buyer paid the full price of $20 for your image, and 70% if the buyer used an Image Pack to buy at a discount.

How do I get my money after my images are sold?

Once you have gathered at least 50 dollars worth of sales revenue, you can withdraw your money from AfricanStockPhoto. A 'request transfer' button will appear on your seller dashboard when you have at least this minimum amount, and you can enter instructions for your transfer.

The fastest way to get your money is if you have a PayPal account - we will typically issue your transfer within a few hours after you request a withdrawal, though other options including Mobile Money are available.

I want to sell imagery but don't have a PayPal account

In addition to PayPal, AfricanStockPhoto can make payments via mobile money in most African countries, or via Western Union or a bank transfer. When you have made at least $50 worth of sales on the platform, simply click the 'transfer out' button on your seller dashboard and follow the instructions to request your payout.

If you need help completing a transfer or wish to use a payment system that is not listed above, we are happy to help, get in touch with the team using the chat widget in the bottom-right.

What is a Model Release form?

Any imagery that has a person in it requires that person to have given you permission to sell on the imagery. This is done by filling a Model Release, which is a legal form where a person in a photo (whether they are a professional model or not) formally accepts that the photographer or image user can use the image as they see fit.

When you are signed in to AfricanStockPhoto you can download a template model release form from the dashboard, which you can print and use for your model releases. There are also mobile apps that can be used to do model release without need to print & scan. Learn about model release in our photographer guide

How do I send you my signed Model Release forms?

Simply upload the images as usual through your contributor dashboard, then send your signed model release forms to ''.

If we review your uploads and see images that require release we'll mark them as such and you will get an email with the instructions above

What content is forbidden on AfricanStockPhoto?

Most content is fine to upload, though we do not accept images will full-frontal nudity, images portraying hateful or oppressive symbolism or language, or images portraying explicit violence. We will review images contributed and will reject any that violate these rules.

Why was my image rejected?

In addition to restricted subject matter, there are a few other issues that can result in your image being rejected. If you do not have signed model release forms, we will first issue a request for you to upload these, but may eventually reject the image if no model release form is submitted. Any imagery with watermarks on it such as your photographer/agency logo, or a camera timestamp will be rejected. Images that do not meet our quality standards in terms of subject matter or image resolution may be rejected

Finally, we may occasionally reject images if multiple uploads are very similar, e.g. when you have multiple shots of the same subject with little variation between them. Don't take this as a negative! Feel free to upload a variety of angles and framing, and in most cases we'll approve them all but will occasionally turn down one or two if they don't add much variety.

When someone buys my image on AfricanStockPhoto, do they now own it?

When a user pays for a photo on AfricanStockPhoto, they are not purchasing the ownership of the image, but are instead paying for a license to use the image. This means that you continue to own the photo, and multiple users might end up buying a license to the same image. The user who bought the image can use it for private or commercial purposes, but is forbidden from selling the image on as though they owned it themselves.

Do I still own my photos after I upload them?

You remain the exclusive rights owner of any image you upload to AfricanStockPhoto. This means you can license it out elsewhere, and if you wish to remove it from our site you retain the right to do so. Please note that if you subsequently sell the rights to your image elsewhere, it is your responsibility to remove the image from AfricanStockPhoto to avoid violating the new owner's right to the image.

I have a collection of good images that I don't own, can I sell them?

No, we require that contributors to AfricanStockPhoto are the outright rights owners of the image, or are acting in an official capacity as their representative.

Why does AfricanStockPhoto take a percentage of my sales?

The services we provide including hosting, paid online advertisement, content marketing and an online sales & payment portal, all of which make it possible for your images to be discovered and paid for by people on the internet. We take a commision of between 30% and 50% for each sale that happens in order to cover these costs. There are no further costs on your side as a photographer, we cover all expenses including any transfer costs when you withdraw your money after making sales.

How do I delete my photos?

If your images have not yet been reviewed by an admin, there will be an option to delete available in your seller dashboard. Log into your account and click on the image you wish to delete from your image list on the contributor home page. You will see a 'delete this image' button, which lets you remove the image before it is reviewed.

If the image has already been reviewed and is live on the site, please contact us through the chat widget in the bottom right to have the image removed. If the image was rejected, you do not need to take any action, it will automatically be cleared from our servers after a while.